Web Site Maintenance Made Simple!


The Goal of SimpleSite is to make maintaining a web site as simple as using a word processor. In fact with SimpleSite that is exactly how you maintain your web site, you store Open Office Writer Documents in folders on the web server and these are automatically translated into web pages, just like this one.

With V1.1.0 you can also use images (JPG, GIF & PNG) asd PDF files

With V1.2.0 you can also use Microsoft word 2007+ (docx) documents.


I Originally created SimpleSite as a demonstration to my younger brother of the power of the PHP language, which SimpleSite is written in, As the result was better than expected and I could see this potentially helping people I decided to make it open source.



Thanks to SourceForge for hosting this site.


Thanks to the authors of the PHP language that made this project possible.

Piotr Malinski

Thanks to Piotr, for his OpenOffice2HTML Class library that does the work of converting the Open Office Documents. The latest Version of this class library can be found here:

This Class is what gave me the original idea for SimpleSite, whilst, this class is no longer used Piotr still deserves credit.